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Thank you for visiting this site.

The main contents of this site, "photo unit TOUKAGEN" are photographic works of female portraits.

Except for some portraits in costume, the majority of works in this site are nude photographs.
Regardless of whether it is costume photo or nude one, each one of the works on this site is photo image of all artistic creation.
They are created and exhibited of no intend to induce sexual excitement in any way.
There are no such images that are prohibited by law in Japan in this site.

However, if you do not have a good feeling for artistic expression by naked body and/or nudity itself, and/or if you are the one who are considered not to be in contact with such kinds of images because of legal and/or educational reasons, please avoid to enter this site by proper operation of your browser.
Also, again, those who are seeking for some direct sexual stimulation and/or have some indecent intent must not enter this site.

It is strongly recommended that each one who views the works will treat them with respect for the photographer and art model.

All photos in this site are the creative works of "Photo unit TOUKAGEN", and every creative rights of the works belong to "photo unit TOUKAGEN".

If you agree to our request above, please proceed simply by clicking the right image.